BraidlessSew-in 1 Hour Weave

A soulful inspirational journey.
It mixes elements of Soul/Gospel/Jazz/Rock.
It's refreshing, infectious, lyrically potent.
PAASHION has embarked on a meditative journey to heal and empower thru prayers,
scriptures, affirmations and words of truth, faith and power. 
You will notice there is a short intro then an "interactive" section to each prayer. There is a mind, body spirit connection that has been documented by medical and religious science.  This cd uses those principles to bring you a new platform,
to encourage instant change. YOU are encouraged to repeat the powerful words out loud. 
Tired of being depressed...listen and repeat one song a day for 30 days!
Tired of being broke? Tired of feeling defeated or powerless?  Just want to feel empowered?  
These songs will move you to a peaceful yet powerful place.
Listen while you get dressed in the morning and repeat with your kids...
when is the last time you heard your children say things like
"I am blessed.  I am faithful.  I am a child of the most high God" 
It's so easy!  Pour into yourself! Pour into your kids!

It has been compared to Lauryn Hill, Israel & New Breed, Juanita bynam, Jil Scott, GeorgiaMe, Erykah Badu, Kim Burrell

Please take a moment watch a videos
7 Days of SUNSHINE is a journey from pain to power!

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Shelia Millender, Carl Millender, Bessie Ludd, Al Ludd @ the Good Ole Days Premiere

Film Directors Bessie Ludd and Carl Millender premiered their new June 25, 2012 “Good Ole Days”, at Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center in Decatur, GA. Billed as a laugh-out-loud comedy, it went beyond this parameter to touch on some timely subjects and still remained entertaining.

In this modest fam-com film, the audience is treated to Atlanta’s newest independent movie about what’s needed now: values and how things use to be done. Don’t get me wrong. It’s actually a new twist but the story is in the title. The well cast film of newcomers and veterans of the celluloid managed to help the storyline flow. It was shot entirely in Atlanta using full HVX cameras, so the quality rivals film quality.

Thread & hair – that's it, that's all.
 Fees include:
2-3 bundles install, cut & style:
(Indian Remi Straight)
$300 12, 14, 16, 18 inch 

$299 Natural Afro Curly 10 inch
Bring own hair $250
must arrive clean & blow dried, no oil, gel, wax, spritz, grease or heavy leave in conditioner in the hair. If it is sticky or slick we will not be able to do it. Flat ironed smooth because ALL of your natural hair is left out for our standard procedure. Need or want all or most of your hair covered? Natural hair clients, clients in transition from relaxers or clients with challenges (balding, thinning, patches or breakage) you do not have to flat iron … unless you want to leave a section out. Please press or flat iron THAT section only
It should be smooth root to tip.
 We will continue to honor our customers right to privacy NO ONE will be able to come in and watch us service customers.

dee dee M. cocheta

dee dee M. cocheta


Dee Dee Cocheta is known as one of the best PR and Marketing professionals specializing in music, non-profits and entrepreneurs since 1999. She’s been in the entertainment biz for over 20 years and the first known online digital, promotions email queen since 1995. Dee Dee founded A.B.C. Publicity based in Atlanta and New York specializing in lifestyle, entertainment and multicultural dynamics. Offering public relations, integrated marketing & social media solutions, A.B.C. is a strategic partner  to small business, non-profits and entertainment driven companies, brands, products and events.  The focus and foundation has been the reach with the youth, young trendsetters and key influencers who can promote and build a brand organically.  The mission is to assess, build and communicate an idea, image and brand favorably to the world. The company was birthed out of the notion to support the creative ideas and elements of artists, entrepreneurs and foundations that may not always get the attention deserved. ABC is an acronym for Accenting Business & Culture.
Dee Dee’s branding group mixes this with integrity, morality & passion topping it all off with a smile.  Dee Dee Cocheta aims to change mentalities, touch hearts and inspire people with her work. Dee Dee has worked with Arrested Development, Vibe Music Fest, Tony Terry, Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, Lisa Left Eye Lopes Foundation, Kim Maxwell, Brandi Ray, Teena Fox, WNBA Atlanta Dream, and Cowboys WR Brian Collins to name a few. Dee Dee is a wife and proud mother of seven children.